FC NOLA / F.C. New Orleans Youth Soccer Club After-School Monthly Installment Commitment

Terms of Agreement Disclosure:

The Monthly Installment option is available to ensure access to the FC NOLA training curriculum to greatest number of participants.  Due to past abuses of the Monthly Installment option, please continue to read this disclosure in order to ensure you are comfortable with the terms of the agreement.

In utilizing the Monthly Installment option, you agree to pay for the services to participate in the FC NOLA After School Soccer program in four equal installments of $55 (Initial installment completed at the submission of this form + 3 additional installments due at the end of each of the following months) totaling $220.  The initial installment is non-refundable within 72hrs of submission of this form.  Once a player shows up for the first session, you have committed yourself to the entire amount pay through 3 equal payments.  These additional payments will be automatically drawn out of your account specified in the form below on the last day of the month unless you have paid the monthly installment no later than 3 days prior (27th or 28th of the month) to the due date of the last day of the month.

If you are unable to pay the monthly installment, your child will be held out of sessions until payment is received and a $15 late fee will be added on to that monthly installment.

If there is a dispute over the remaining fees, submission of this form means you agree to pay any collection and or legal fees attached to the outstanding balance.


After-School Soccer Monthly Payment Form
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