What We Do

Are you are interested in developing your child’s potential? Can you think outside the box? Is your child serious and passionate enough to commit to soccer? Are you tired of people making excuses for why things go wrong? Then FC New Orleans might just be the team for you.


The Football Club of New Orleans (FCNOLA) was founded in 2010 to ensure competitive soccer was easily attainable to families in the Gentilly, New Orleans East and St. Bernard Parish areas. The rich cache of athletes found throughout Louisiana and particularly in this area deserved to have a program available to them that was not only affordable but could bring out each participants fullest potential.


We will not blatantly assure you that we will make your child a collegiate athlete. But with a strong commitment from them and you, we will try with all our being, all our experience, and all of our love for the game, to maximize your child’s potential.


FCNOLA consults with professional youth academy officials in the Netherlands, France and Italy who run some of the world's finest youth development programs to come up with our program. We were amazed at the results once we began to implement the program. We witnessed stark improvements in players abilities within 6 weeks of implementation no matter what level the player starts.


At FC New Orleans, we focus on developing skills. We develop skills through practices based on what top flight European programs do. Winning or losing games isn’t a priority. Making sure our players learn to play the game the right way is. Make no mistake though, we also teach them about competition, and we are extremely competitive!

In the United States, there are a lot of sports available, and you need to practice in order to excel. You must practice hard and often. Without intensity, there is no progress. We practice two to four times a week, every week. We also practice most of the year. Our practices are not about getting the kids in shape by running them into the ground. They are coached to be soccer players.


We work on all kind of skills by playing all kind of games; games that are used by the best programs in Europe and South America. We also strive to give them a real feel for the game. Soccer intelligence is as integral a part of our training as the technical ability. Our players are taught to be mentally strong as well.


Soccer is the people’s sport. Size is not an issue at the highest level. Last year, five of the eleven best players in the world were under 5’8. Skills are absolutely the key to advancing to the next level. That is precisely what your child should be focusing on every day of the week if he or she wants to have any chance to keep playing at a high level past 16 years of age.


In an effort to further broaden our players skills and we can expose them to other cultures, every spring and summer we provide the opportunity for all FC New Orleans players to go to France and Italy to participate in organized camps and customized camps and at professional academies.


If you want to be part of something bigger than just a name, if you believe team’s success and a player’s success work hand in hand, if you say what you mean and mean what you say, come out and join us for a session and see if you like what we are about.


Qui Audet Adipiscitur ... He Who Dares Wins