Myths About Collegiate Soccer

In speaking with many parents when explaining about what is offered at F.C. New Orleans, an overriding comment I hear is ‘my child will never be good enough to play in college.’  Their child is only 10 or 11 years old and the parent has made that determination already. Wow!

First before I go into a long conversation about predetermining your child’s destiny, I would like to say that Collegiate Soccer is competitive club/high school soccer with bigger and faster players.  The funny part about that is as we all turn 19 to 23 years old, we get bigger, faster and stronger.  The only question that remains is … is the university your child wants to go to is interested in him/her representing the university on the soccer field.  Is this not what all college bound students request from the university of their desire.  ‘Am I good enough to represent your university during and after attending?’

Collegiate soccer recruiting is convoluted at best.  Parents spend a lot of time and money going to this tournament and that tournament to get in front of collegiate recruiters.  Oftentimes, these are the same parents who previously said that their children would not be good enough to play in college. The point is … with quality training and/or education, no one knows what the future holds.  College soccer recruiting starts early.  Find a club like F.C. New Orleans who offers quality training with a steady eye on the future and you will see what opportunities will be presented.  Remember the saying, ‘luck comes about when preparation meets opportunity.’