Why Families Should Join F.C. New Orleans

Since 2010, FC New Orleans has place the advancement of players of youth soccer in New Orleans as a center piece of its efforts.  FC New Orleans revenue and cost structure mirror clubs from around the world that allows us to have the lowest fee structure in the Metropolitan New Orleans area.  Our focus on player advancement has led to the least expensive means in which players can be identified for collegiate soccer.  In addition, we have made strategic alliances with European and South American clubs, groups and player agencies in order to provide soccer opportunities for our players to continue to play and pursue educational opportunities after players have graduated from youth soccer.

Fifa (the governing body of soccer world-wide) states that over 260 million people are employed in soccer world-wide.  Just to provide a perspective, the USA has 320 million people and there are not that many accountants and physicians combined world-wide.  What that means is, there are many opportunities for players to be able to travel and enjoy the world through the sport of soccer.

If there are soccer camps your child would like to attend, we either host one to two per summer or can guide players to camps of our international partners.  If your child would like to be able to make the varsity team in High School, our European based curriculum will provide that opportunity.  If your child wants to spend time (one week to a year at a time) playing soccer in Europe or Brazil, then we are able to do that as well.  We have recently partnered with the Gulf Coast Soccer Skills Challenge to identify the strongest players an opportunity to showcase their abilities to player agents who have access to hundreds of clubs.

Player advancement is at the center of FC New Orleans.  Very few outfits in youth soccer in New Orleans, Louisiana or even the United States if any can provide the aforementioned.   This is why families should join FC New Orleans.  We hope to see you on the field soon.